Design for what workers DO, not what they know.

Our focus

Less than 25% of training content is remembered within a week of attending training. Why would you continue to invest in the traditional training paradigm of long development of face-to-face classes followed by weeks of structured practice that no longer fits the rapid pace of business? 

Apply Learning helps organizations and their L&D teams master change strategies that bring value to the businesses they support, by ensuring time to competency and sustained performance. 

What We can provide

  • Performance-focused agile instructional design based on task and workflow analysis 
  • Coaching, tools and resources to help your training team shift to a performance mind-set
  • Evaluation of existing training for conversion to performance-driven learning 
  • Strategic learning architecture development aligned to business goals and functions
  • Actionable development plans based on competency mapping
  • Manager tools and resources to enable team performance, face-to-face and virtually

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